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Gloster "Buck" Buchanan, born on D-Day June 6, 2019, World War II Veteran celebrates 103rd Birthday!

Westside Gazette - 1/14/2020

Gloster "Buck" Buchanan, on his birthday June 6, 2019, the World War II veteran still has a very sharp memory.

Gloster "Buck" Buchanan was born in Hazlehurst, Georgia, Jeff Davis County on June 6, 1916. He grew up in a very large family with 22 siblings. Their family history can be traced back to the 1800s. His father had an older brother named Jim and an older sister named Fanny. They were freed from slavery in 1865 when the United States passed the Thirteenth Amendment. Since his Uncle Jim was the oldest of the three, he took on the responsibility of selecting their last (ProQuest: ... denotes text missing in the original.)